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Delicious Ambiguity

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Icons and Graphics
about delicious ambiguity

Welcome to Delicious Ambiguity Graphics! This is a place for me to post all of the graphics I make either for a challenge/contest or just for fun. All graphics included on this site are made by me, but I will use textures and images from other sites. Those credits can all be found in the green section below. If I omitted your credit, please message me to let me know. It wasn't done intentionally!

Feel free to use my icons and graphics, but credit is required. Please credit either sydneydaile or d_ambiguity. Thanks so much, and enjoy!


Listed here are credits for the various resources I use to make my graphics.

Fonts: DaFont, Fonts for Peas, Free Scrapbook Fonts

Textures and Brushes: anamcr, aquietmess, atomicapples, aulxdayz, azuremonkey, big_blue_bin, brazen_water, brivi, bttrfly_kiss, endou, canyon_deye, creamyplot, deaselene, diane91, emonet25, erniemay, evilgargiullina, foreverafter, fairygraphics, fleetwoodicons, forestwalks, fragiledelirium, fuuurs, graphisize, happy_day90, how_we_fade, idiotxbeauty, indienotebook, infinite_muse, innocent_lexys, isoylent, jaejunggim, joel_le, kassieland, lemoninthebath, lemonpunch, lemonrocket, loveleedunk, loveuntilwedie, maffinoyobiai, midnight_road, misarte, misstarlight, offbeat_upbeat, omochaya, orange_teardrop, preferthemoss, prettybutt, pretty_packages, proverbsun, purple_inthesky, ravenclawwit, replaymatic, ribon, she_rockstar, shalowater, silk_roads, sintonia, sneaky_elephant, so_out_of_focus, spud66cat, tearjerkericons, terempaty, thefixedfoot, theqilin, thevividimagery, tiger_tutorials, tomycoffee, treasuresex, adrastea, vikyvampirs90, violateraindrop, vividtruth, wandering_foxy, wolfbane_icons, yunhe, zeropercent, Dioma@DA, Falln-Stock@DA, Gargiullina@DA, Lady-Himiko@DA, Nighty-Stock@DA, Obscene-Bunny@DA, PaperJunk@DA, Ransie3@DA, RebeccaCallaway@DA, Sanami276@DA

Images: Zac Efron Online, stock.xchng, AshleyTisdale.ORG, Ashley Tisdale Online, EmmaW.org, Paper Magazine, FairieGoodmother@DA, Screencap Paradise, Jackson Rathbone Online, AshleyGreene.net, Kristen Bell Network, Hilary Vault, Lea Michele Web, Anne Hathaway Fan, James McAvoy Central, ChordOverstreet.Net, Tumblr, Sarah Jessica Images, SATC Screencaps @ black-celebration.net, Reese Pics, QAF Caps, GellarFan.Org, High-Quality Screencaps, Order of the Starkid Tumblr

PSDs/Tutorials: ecesb, fruitycolors, vividtruth, voguecolours

Quote on personal journal header: Merriam-Webster Online


Listed here are links to the contests and challenges I've entered with my graphics.

actors20in20: Entered and completed Round 5 with Emma Watson icons. Awaiting results. Entered Round 8 with Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene. At the moment, this comm seems to be dead.

big20in20: Entered Round 1 (movies) with the film Becoming Jane. Won 1st Place for Best Sky and 3rd Place for Best Darkness. Entered Round 2 (tv shows) with Queer as Folk (US). Voting in progress. Entered Round 3 (pairing) with Kurt/Blaine from Glee.

buffy_stillness: Entered Challenge 232 with one icon that won first place.

dstars20in20: Entered and completed Round 1 with Zac Efron icons and Round 2 with Ashley Tisdale icons. Awaiting results from Round 1 and voting for Round 2. At the moment, this comm seems to be dead.

efron20in20: Entered and completed Round 1 with several wins. Entered Round 2. Awaiting voting.

friendsicontest: Entered Challenge 192 with two icons, one won 'Best Use of Text.'

leamichele2020: Entered Round 5.

luck20in20: Entered Round 1 and was assigned Kristen Bell, taking 3rd place for my Profile Category icon. Entered Round 2 and was assigned Hilary Duff. Entered Round 3 and was assigned Lea Michele. Entered Round 4 with Reese Witherspoon. Won Best Close Crop and Best Happy. Entered Round 5 and was assigned Sarah Michelle Gellar.

satc20in20: Entered Round 1. Won Best Favorite Outift, Best Addiction, 2nd Place for my Category Set, Mod's Choice for Category Icon, 3rd Place for my Artist's Choice Set, and 2nd Place for Artist's Choice Icon. Entered Round 2 with Carrie Bradshaw as my claim.

spuffy_stills: Entered Challenge 25 with three icons. Awaiting results.

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